Some people feel that furniture movers Auckland do only a minuscule job. This notion is pretty far away from the truth. Furniture movers ensure that the client’s hard earned money is respected and protected. The overall job of furniture moving company Auckland is managing inventory, packing, labeling boxes, loading, moving, and then finally unloading. The advantage that the client gets is that all the furniture, appliances and other boxes to be transited reach the desired destination in good shape.

Logically, every client would ask for the best possible quotation from the furniture movers. It is noteworthy to mention that all movers, including cheap furniture movers Auckland have to bear certain costs that add up to make the final price for the client.

The main elements that determine the cost of moving are detailed below.

  • Cost of labor: The cost of labor is directly proportional to the quantum of furniture to be moved. The number of people required to do the job and the number of hours to be put in by them is ascertained at the outset. The rate per hour is also communicated to the client. The Furniture Movers Auckland are experienced enough to give a ball park estimate of this component.
  • Cost of materials: Cost of material is the other main constituent in the quotation given by furniture movers. It includes cost of cardboard, boxes, tapes, bubble sheets and other material that may be used for tying and binding client’s furniture and other products.
  • Cost of transportation: Distance between the current location and ultimate destination and weight of load to be transported determine the cost of transportation. These two elements determine the fuel required and the wear and tear that the mover’s vehicle will undergo during the trip.
  • Cost of storage: In case the situation demands that the goods in transit be stored for a particular period of time, the cost of warehousing gets added to the overall bill that the clients has to bear. This cost is determined on a case to case basis and is dependent on the number of hours, days or months the storage space is required.
  • Cost of insurance: The costs of insurance may appear as an unnecessary expense but is one of the most important aspects in a moving deal. In the unlikely event of goods being lost or damaged in transit, insurance safeguards the interests of the contracting parties.

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